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Track My Android Phone | Locate Lost Android

There are lots of people who lose their android phone in one way or another. Android phones get stolen and people tend to forget them somewhere. There are people whose android phone gets dropped while travelling. As soon as they found out about the phone then one things which comes to mind is that “Where is my phone”. If you don’t find it then you will start searching how to track android phone or how to find my android phone.

Where’s my phone is one of the most searched queries on Google. People are not aware as how to track android phone with or without app. You can track your android phones without any app as well. There are few things that you have to keep in mind in order to track my android phone kind of queries. You have to enable location services settings on your android phone beforehand. As soon as you start or setup your Android phone then only you should enable location services. Without location services or say GPS, it will be very hard for you to find android phone.

You can’t track a phone if you haven’t enabled GPS or location services on your phone. GPS helps you to find out current location of phone or last known location of phone when before data pack was disabled.

track my android phone

2 Best Ways to Track Android phone

There are 2 best ways to find Android phone immediately. As location services is enabled on your android phone, you will be able to know its current location from any laptop or mobile phone. You can start your laptop or your friend’s mobile to locate lost android phone.

  • Android Device Manager (Find My Device)
  • Google Maps Location History

1. Android Device Manager (Find My Device)

Android Device Manager is the official tool by Google to track android phone in real time. You can find its app “Find My Device” on Google play store. You can also find android phone location via Android device manager official website. You simply need to sign in with the Google ID through which you signed in your android phone during setup.

There are few requirements before you use official website or find my device app to find android phone.

  • Android phone must be signed in with a Google account.
  • Location services must be enabled.
  • Internet is required to know current location. So if it’s turned off by the thief or your phone is switched off then you won’t be able to locate current location of android phone.

Follow below steps to track android cellphone:

  • Open Android device manager website or find my device website.
  • You will be able to see all active android devices which are connected to your google account.
  • Choose the android device that you have lost or forgotten somewhere.
  • Google will now try to locate its current location. It will also show you on the map on the right hand side. If there is not internet present in phone then it won’t be able to show its current location.
  • It will also show you 3 options to perform remotely.
  • RING, LOCK and ERASE are 3 option given so that you can use them remotely to be performed on your phone.
  • Use RING option inside home, office or any other location if you think you kept your phone somewhere and you forgot. You phone will ring at the max volume even if it’s mute switch is ON.
  • Lock and Erase options can be used if cellphone is stolen.

Find My Device App

Above things can also be performed with Find My Device app which is available for free on Google Play store. It’s an official app by Google through which you can locate your lost android.

  • Download the Find my device app from play store.
  • Sign in with Google account of your android phone.
  • Choose android device that you have lost from list of active devices.
  • You will be able to see its current location on the map.
  • RING, LOCK and ERASE options are available in this app also that you can use.
  • You can also download the app on your friends device and login with your google account immediately to see current location of your lost android device.

Find Android Phone Using Google Maps Location History

Whether you know or not but Google maps keeps the location history of your android phone. You can simply check out the history in the Google to know the last known location of the android phone. It tracks almost all locations where you go with your android phone. Even if the location isn’t accurate, you can know the best possible location of the cellphone using Google maps location history.

There are few things which are required for Google Maps location to work to locate lost android phone. Here they are: –

  • Android smartphone must be signed in with a Google account.
  • Internet must be there in the lost/stolen android. Without Internet, these things wont’ work. As Google Maps makes use of GPS it won’t work without internet.
  • Location reporting and history feature is an option present in Android phones. This must be enabled in Google Apps settings. Google maps wont’ track anything if its disabled.

Actually Google maps isn’t used for tracking down phones but it’s used to know the previous locations of your android device. If you satisfy the above conditions then you can use Google maps to locate and know the last known locations of your android phone.

Follow the below steps to locate lost android on Map:-

  • Visit Google Maps location history website from here.
  • Click on Today’s Date >> Tap “Show Timestamps”.
  • Now you can see different locations of your device on the map.
  • Tap on latest timestamps to see the last available location of android device on the map.

There are many more apps which can track and find android phone using their app tracking features. Anti virus companies such as Mcafee, Bitdefender, Airdroid, Norton etc.. offer phone tracking on their apps. You need to download the app from the Google play store for free. They have paid and free features inside the app. The fee charged for extra features is very less and you can easily afford to protect and find your phone in case you lose it.